Italian street art

I loved discovering this hidden gems in corners of various cities while traveling in Italy.  One particular artist caught my eye.  It became a game to see where he'd show up.  I found him in Pisa, Lucca, Milan, Parma, Bologna, San Gigminano, Florence...  and I'm sure I missed so many!  



Venice is one of those cities I get so caught up simply enjoying wandering in I often forget to stop and take pictures.  Plus, my photographer husband does such a good job of capturing the spirit of the locations we are in that I get lazy.  BUT, this morning we got up early to visit the fish market and discovered the city blanketed in mist and fog.  

While D was busy capturing the bustle of the fish market I found this perfect corner to daydream and think of the thousands of feet that have walked these streets and ridden gandula across it's canals.  I hope you enjoy this picture I took.  

Lucca, Italy


Years ago D and I stumbled into one of the most perfect medieval Italian cities... Lucca.  I can't remember how many times we have returned or brought friends here.  I love it so much I make time to return and say hello.

Do yourself a favor and if you are near Pisa or willing to take a short train ride from Florence take a few days to soak in the magic.  


Today was a magic day shared with our neighbors in the Columbia Heights Plaza.  It was fund sharing our eclipse viewing glasses with strangers we met.  I don't know who is more excited...  

Rothko in DC

The National Gallery’s East Building here in DC is the guardian of over 1,000 Rothko works in 1986 when the Rothko Foundation gave the museum the bulk of the artist’s remaining estate.  It's quite the treasure.  It's worth a return trip because one never knows what will be on display.  

Today Janelle and I took a day off to recharge our souls with art.  This slice of heaven never disappoints!   

Happy 4th of July from DC

4th in dc.jpg

So this was happening in my neighborhood till the wee hours of the morning.

I don't think there is another city in the US that celebrates as well as the DC metro area. From our rooftop, you could see fireworks on full display 360 degrees long after the National Fireworks finished. It was spectacular!  

On eating alone


Some people have a hard time going to a restaurant and eating alone.  But I quite enjoy it! 

I sit at the bar, people watch and happily enjoy a favorite dish I don't have to share.  If you are visiting DC may I suggest the octopus at Zaytinya?  They do an outstanding job! 

Many friends who have told us "oh, I don't like octopus!" have changed their mind after sampling it here.   If you go, let me know what you think.

Unexpected Surprise


Tonight D & I shared a meal at a local Spanish tapas bar in Oxford.  Truthfully, it was nice to eat my favorite foods again.  There are just so many meat pies a girl can eat!  

At the end of the meal, the owner came by to check on us and we began chatting in Spanish.  I mentioned that I was looking for a nice brandy or dry sherry to send my meal.  Next thing I knew he returned with steaming hot water and began twirling my brandy glass to gently heat it.  I've never seen that done but he assured me it was the "proper" way to drink brandy.  I don't know if I'd go to that much work in the future but it sure was good!