A little more about Charlene...


I love gathering ideas, looking for possibilities, and starting things.

I graduated with a Social Work degree from Goshen College but decided business development was a better fit.   As a college student I started a Shaklee business over 35 years ago which continues to serve as the financial backbone for all our ventures. You can learn more about that story here. I am honored to hold the title of Presidential Master Coordinator – Shaklee Corporation's highest leadership rank.  In my 30s I set two ambitious goals: to launch four businesses and explore every continent (except Antarctica) before turning 40. I reached the first, and missed the second by two years.  

Working with my husband Doug, we took a run-down B&B and turned it into an award-winning Country Inn on 42 acres in Virginia’s Allegheny Highlands.  The project grew to include a 4000 square foot Conference Center, a restaurant, and a 23 unit residential development tucked into the slopes of Warm Springs Mountain.  I had the most fun creating an innovative bistro and wine bar, discovering my interior design chops, and establishing a healthy business culture for our employees.  Click here for a peek into that era of our lives.

I create widely-acclaimed business training and personal development materials.  I love sharing the journey with others who are interested in skilling-up and engaging their personal growth journey.  I'd love to have you join our growing tribe.  Along the way I have served on various Boards, and enjoy occasional conference speaking.  I continue to mentor emerging leaders.  I am passionate about networking artisans, and creating marketing platforms which empower disadvantaged women across cultures.  You can learn more about my current projects and passions here.

First and foremost I am a follower of Jesus – hungry to conform into His image and shed the trappings of Religion.  I am privileged to “do life” with my best friend, Doug Fike, and enjoy walking alongside him and his growing global network of change agents.  Together we enjoy deepening our friendships with our two adult children (Justin, Janelle) and their spouses, and I am embarking on a new adventure as a grandma! 

I relax by cooking and setting the stage for great conversations in our home.  My favorite sport is urban trekking.  You’ll find me collecting found objects, sampling new world wines, observing primates in the wild, or catching up on episodes of House Hunters International.