Kilometer66 has been the ‘apple of my eye’ for many years. It is my newest business venture yet one that 35+ years of business experience has been preparing me for. 

Together with my daughter and daughter-in-law, I've dreamed of building a company that makes a tangible difference by uniting our passions for travel, cultures, design, and social enterprise. Our goal is to empower women by creating opportunities for personal and professional development, developing products which are both ethically made and beautifully designed, and by curating the world’s compelling and unusual offerings for the culturally curious. 

In the summer of 2017 we are launching a new line of products we're incredibly excited about. Stay tuned!

Doug and I have been exploring hidden corners of the world our entire married life, rooted in our long-held value of working smart and playing hard. Along the way we discovered the value of “bounded open space” and started inviting friends to travel with us to some of our favorite places. In conjunction with Doug’s growing coaching practice, the first “executive retreat” took place to great acclaim in 2004 on a remote tropical island, and the rest is history.

Since then Toccati has been hosting intimate, paradigm-altering travel experiences for busy leaders, cultivating rhythms of engagement and disengagement in exotic locations. Think bespoke travel with a twist. Check out our upcoming trips and consider joining us!

Working Smart was birthed nearly 25 years ago. From its infancy we’ve helped unleash thousands of entrepreneurs and freedom-seekers throughout North America to pursue their dreams. Today, Working Smart offers a growing suite of online, field-tested resources providing purpose and clarity, tools and strategies to empower people to craft lives that matter.

Doug and I started a Shaklee business while in college more than 35 years ago, working with the #1 natural health and wellness company in the US. We fell in love with the products because they are proven, safe, effective and are 100% guaranteed. We fell in love with the business model because it enables us to empower others to pursue their dreams, while developing a residual revenue stream that spells F.R.E.E.D.O.M. for us as well. That freedom has enabled Doug and I to truly live life to the full - and help thousands the world over, in the process. 

Upon finishing my education I earned enough business income I didn’t have to work elsewhere. We are honored to lead an amazing team scattered throughout North America, as Presidential Master Coordinators – the company's highest rank.

Network marketing works when you align yourself with the right company and are willing to develop as a leader, and empower others to pursue their goals. It has worked for us! In fact I took a 16-year break from actively working the business and it remained healthy and steady throughout. How many businesses can say that?! 

If you’d like to take control of your health take a five-minute personalized Health Print and let's talk about how to meet your health goals. I also love discussing options with people who have a big dream, but limited resources to fund them.