On eating alone


Some people have a hard time going to a restaurant and eating alone.  But I quite enjoy it! 

I sit at the bar, people watch and happily enjoy a favorite dish I don't have to share.  If you are visiting DC may I suggest the octopus at Zaytinya?  They do an outstanding job! 

Many friends who have told us "oh, I don't like octopus!" have changed their mind after sampling it here.   If you go, let me know what you think.

Unexpected Surprise


Tonight D & I shared a meal at a local Spanish tapas bar in Oxford.  Truthfully, it was nice to eat my favorite foods again.  There are just so many meat pies a girl can eat!  

At the end of the meal, the owner came by to check on us and we began chatting in Spanish.  I mentioned that I was looking for a nice brandy or dry sherry to send my meal.  Next thing I knew he returned with steaming hot water and began twirling my brandy glass to gently heat it.  I've never seen that done but he assured me it was the "proper" way to drink brandy.  I don't know if I'd go to that much work in the future but it sure was good!  

Picnics are the best!

One of my favorite travel activities, whenever we are traveling, is to peruse a local grocery store or wander a farmers market.  It's the best way to get to know the culture and its people.  It's the perfect window and an intimate look at what people value and hold dear.

On a weekend holiday outing, D and I found ourselves at an amazing market in Ludlow.  Here is a peek into what we purchased.  We couldn't help ourselves. 


We stocked up with the intent to drive the countryside and enjoy our picnic.  But alas, the rain forced us to "picnic" in our car.  None-the-less it was delicious and memorable.  


Oxford Life

Doug is an avid photographer.  Which makes me a bit lazy.  I can easily forget to take photos.  I did, however, manage to take these.  I couldn't help myself.  Oxford is simply quaint. 

The best seat in the house . . .

somewhere over Europe

somewhere over Europe

A favorite activity of mine when I was a kid was staring at the sky daydreaming.  Whenever I saw the tell-tale signs of an airplane overhead I would imagine me up there heading to some exotic location.  Oh, the places my imagination could take me! 

Yesterday we transitioned from Eastern Europe to Oxford where D will be studying for the next three months.  As I looked out my window seat I reflected on that young girl and how many of her dreams have come true.  I am supremely blessed and grateful!  

Creatives are everywhere if you look

I make it a habit when I get to a new city find where the local artists and creatives are showing their work.  I search online, look at local papers,  scout coffee shop bulletin boards or ask shopkeepers and hotel staff to see what is happening.  Sometimes just by asking you can have a great adventure.

Today was one of those days.  There was a two-day pop-up artist venue.  This is what happy looks like!  


Homage to L'Fleur



A couple of years ago I was traveling with Janelle and Mindy in Eastern Europe on exploratory Kilometer 66 buying trip.  While in Prague we stumbled upon a new bar that had only been open a few days.  It was a magical night as we were entertained by the creative mixologist behind the bar.  The whole night the girls kept saying, "We have to bring Dad here!"

Of course on Doug's first trip to Prague, I had to find out if it was still there.  Score!  Still open.  The talented mixologist was creating his magic.  The place was Doug approved.  

If you are visiting this lovely city be sure to take time to check it out.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  Go early as it gets a bit crowded later in the evening.  


On my first trip to Krakow, Janelle read about a “do not miss, pierogi place” we managed to find.  They had so many options to choose from.  We tried as many as we possibly could.  All the while Justin, Josh & Doug were unseen guests, at our table.  I think we enjoyed the meal more by dreaming about one day returning and share it with them.

I told Doug that come-hell-or-high-water I was gonna find that place and he better prepare to come hungry.  Unbeknownst to me, the apartment Doug rented for three nights was directly above Pierogi Mr. Vincent!

Serendipity perhaps?!

No sleuthing required.  It was a gray rainy day and we had such a lovely apartment Doug volunteered to go down the five flight of stairs.  (My Hero!)  What is it about takeout and eating in one's apartment that makes you feel like a ‘local’ for a moment?  It was a perfect meal.

It’s worth marking this place on your map! Mr. Vincent, Bozego Ciala 12, Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland Day 2

Doug got accepted into a two-month term in Oxford as a research fellow. His term would mean that we would be apart from one another during our upcoming 35th wedding anniversary in June. So, we cashed in some frequent flyer miles and began making plans. We thought about a stint in Malta or Greece, possibly Ireland… but in the end, we settled on visiting three major cities in Eastern Europe.

Two years ago I traveled to Eastern Europe with Janelle and Mindy for the first time. We had a great time exploring, tasting new foods and scouting potential Kilometer 66 suppliers.

Ever since I’ve been dreaming about taking Doug there.

What a joy it was to introduce Doug to Krakow, Poland. If you are in that part of the world I highly recommend a few days exploring this beautifully preserved city. And, if you go be sure to go to Polakowski Restaurant. It’s a great first immersion into Polish food and cheap to boot!

I almost forgot to take pictures!  The food was such a delight.  Be sure to check out the real fruit decorations.  Who does that?!

Stencil Graffiti Greetings

We checked into our Airbnb, dropped our bags off and set out to explore our neighborhood in the Kazimierz district – the old Jewish Quarter.

At the end of the first block, I was greeted by this image.  I would walk by it daily and it never failed to make me smile.

Then a curious thing happened. I started noticing other images stenciled in other corners of the city. Here’s what I found.


Obviously, this person is a movie buff. I wonder what else I missed?  Could other graffiti stencils be waiting for me to discover them in other corners of this vibrant city?  I guess I’ll have to make plans to return.  

I have more sleuthing to do!