Living Life Backwards

When I was in my early 30's Doug and I built a 5000 sq. ft dream home.  A decade later we built a 3500 sq. ft home.  One decade later and today we live in a one bedroom, open-plan condo that's less than 780 sq. ft.   BUT, we do have a killer 15 x 30 ft terrace overlooking the city!   

Normally people start small then gravitate to the large dream house.  

I guess you could say we have been living life backward.  <best said in Spanish:  al reves!>  But I have never been happier!

When we moved I knew it would require some new organizational skills.  I decided to start by moving only the essentials and only bring things to decorate this new home that absolutely made me happy to look at.  I wanted to surround myself with the things I most missed from our other home.  What a luxury to curate from nearly 35 years of married life!  I am happy to say that not a day goes by that I don't wake up grateful for this cozy place I call home. 

From time-to-time, I'll share parts of our home with you.  I'll share my love of "found objects" that make me smile.  Each little reminders of people I love or places I've been.  I'll tell the story of how that treasure ended up on my shelf.  So for now enjoy these pictures of our shelves in our living room.  Let me know what you're curious about and I'll start there.